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About 9D Action Cinemas

9D Action Cinemas is a Motion Simulator

Owned and operated by an Australian Company, which originated in 2013

Showing 3d movies on a large 4 metre wide by over 2 metre high curved screen.

We have over 30 movies in our 3D movie data base.  Sixteen of the most popular movies have been selected and are available for viewing at any time.

With the 9D effects wearing 3D glasses.

  • Smoke
  • Wind
  • Snow
  • Water / Spray
  •  Fire 
  • vibrating seats
  • lazer
  • smell
  • coming soon lightning?

and more, adds to the sensation of being there.  

The Cinema seats up to 12 people, with each movie running for up to 9 minutes.

We cater for a variety of tastes including Scary , Thrillers, adventuous and also movies for the younger audience.

The most popular movie at the moment is Snow Coaster.

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Surprises with Seats effects

9D Action Cinemas Franchising Pty Ltd harbourside is CLOSED Darling Harbour CLOSED, NEW SOUTH WALES 2000 Australia   Ph: Opening soon 0411145245