Ticket Redemption

We now have ticket redemption games 

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Recently added games include "Cutter " and "Cube World" 

Cutter : This is a game of skill - The object of the game is to cut the string which will then open the door - to all the prizes inside.  How to play - each game requires the player to press the button allowing the single blade cutter to move forward and when the button is released the cutter will cut the string.  If you have reflexes - this is the game for you.

Cube World: Every play produces tickets - insert money and rotate the cube - GOOD luck.

Choose from a range of selected prizes.  Our variety changes weekly, prizes from 20 tickets to over 1000, every one is a winner at 9D.

DINO WHEEL: Win tickets every pull of the handle, the jackpot of 600 tickets can be won and has been won lately nearly everyweek.  This is a simple game and everyone wins.

FUNKY GATOR: The theme is hit the Alligators as they slide out of the holes.  There are 5 Alligators in total and at times there will be 3 gators at once to hit with the supplied soft mallet.  Its an exciting game more suited to the younger audience 5 years up to 12 years.  It helps kids develope their reflexes, where Parents have just as much fun.  The more Alligators that are hit, the more tickets are received, rewarding your effort.

SLAM A WINNER:  This game requires some skill to achieve volumes of tickets.  Three balls are supplied for each play.  After inserting your coins / coin press the red button and a ball will be released.  After your tickets have been dispensed your now ready to release the next ball.  Press the red button and the second ball will be released followed by more tickets.  The challenge is knowing when to release the balls to achieve the maximum amount of tickets.  It can be done - it is timing - GOOD LUCK

PRIZE CUBE AND CANDY CRANE:  These both have rolls of tickets inside try your luck, each roll is valued at 100 tickets.

Patrons WIN on our games daily.

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