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Due to unforseen circumstances, 9D Action Cinema will only be open for business from 2:00pm onwards today.

We apologise to all our regular patrons and customers who may have planned an earlier visit. We look forward to supporting you with exciting entertainment from 2:00pm onwards, on this day, the 29th of May 2021.
All other days are normal business hours. Please note that we are closed Mondays,Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Special award to customers who planned a day with us before 2;00pm. Please write your name on one of our flyers outside our door with the time you passed by with your contact details and we will issue a 15% discount on your visit.

Wishing you a wonderful day!
Kind regards

9D Action Cinemas - Darling Harbour
Date Reviewed: 30 May 2021

Aisha said this was her best birthday party ever! The rest of the kids rated the party as 10/10.
Thank you so much kids and the parents had so much fun.
I'll definitely spread the word and I'm sure the kids will tell their parents they would want their party at 9D too.
Cheers Connie
Connie - Brisbane
Date Reviewed: 16 Feb 2016

“Thanks” to you for the wonderful service provided at our daughter Yasmine’s 9th Birthday party yesterday.
You and your staff have gained our appreciation, for creating an awesome and a wonderful evening for our little girl celebrating her birthday with her friends.
It was in-deed a memorable experience for her and her friends.
You have our Thanks and recommendation to anyone who’s looking to have their exciting birthday party!!
The party was a success, in large part due to your excellent service.
I assure that you will get many more customers including us coming back to experience the entertainment.
Shamila - Darling Harbour
Date Reviewed: 28 Nov 2015

I am an avid fan of 9D cinemas and I'll happily promote this fun experience til the end of time. Lyndel and the staff are friendly, enthusiastic and fun. So much so I'm happy to report I booked a work Christmas party with them just for something different.
I highly recommend 9D Action Cinema to anyone who is looking for a new experience. Perfect for parties.
Rhiannon Irons - Garden City
Date Reviewed: 23 Nov 2015

The girls from Mackay State High School Netball team had awesome fun at 9D on Tuesday while having a fun time out from State competition games.
Kelisha, Kayla, Elly, Brontee, Skye, Georgia and Tahlia - Garden City
Date Reviewed: 20 Oct 2015

Great experience! Jack the operator was fantastic with the youngest kiddie and all will love to do this again!
Blake (4 yrs) and Drew (8yrs) - Darling Harbour
Date Reviewed: 02 Oct 2015

My two Albino children had an absolute blast at 9D Action Cinemas. The staff were awesome and we would recommend to anyone!
Jakob and Shaela - Darling Harbour
Date Reviewed: 02 Oct 2015

It's awesome!
Ludy, Amanda Albert and Bee from Malaysia - Harbourside - Darling Harbour
Date Reviewed: 23 Sep 2015

Absolutely loved it! Luke has cerebral Palsy and was able to enjoy this ride with the very helpful staff at 9D Action Cinemas.
Luke - Darling Harbour
Date Reviewed: 21 Sep 2015

I am so impressed and grateful for the support from you and the support that 9D will provide their franchisees. As a first time franchisee with endless questions, all communication and correspondence has been thorough and promptly replied. The concept is brilliant but the people behind the scenes make it a franchise that I want to be associated with.
Kathy Symonds - Sydney
Date Reviewed: 19 May 2015

My family and I LOVE 9D - So fun, we go all the time.
We smile, laugh and scream the whole way through. Great Idea!!
Julia - Hornsby
Date Reviewed: 19 May 2015

We had Ella's 11th birthday at the Hornsby venue today and it was awesome. The staff at your outlet were friendly, helpful, obliging and genuinely interested to ensure all the kids had a ball. Three cheers to you for a job well done, thank you form me . .and all 11 squealing girls !!!
Nikii - Hornsby
Date Reviewed: 02 May 2015

Today we went to the 9D cinema in Harbourside and had such a lovely experience that we are planning to go again soon. We would like to thank Tamara who served us today to her full potential. She was very patient and though the store was very busy she managed to give everyone the attention they needed. She is an excellent staff member, we hope to see her again.

Thank you,
Haneen - Darling Harbour
Date Reviewed: 16 Feb 2015

A revolution in fun!
Tristan Manwaring - Honsby
Date Reviewed: 09 Dec 2014

Was so much fun have gone twice already haha bring on round 3!!
Jeremy - Bondi
Date Reviewed: 16 Jan 2014

Great concept for the holiday and weekend the kids loved it, so did I "epic"
Sharyn Powell - Karrinyup

"It was awesome I want to go on it again, I wasn’t even scared"
Jack Caldwell - North Perth

Great fun activity for the whole family can enjoy
Juanita Fishwick - Perth

Great effects – over too quickly
Rebecca Hall - Sorrento

Great idea for the kids they love it"
Sandie Demaio - Hillarys

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